Onsite Comprehensive Testing including (RF, EMF, Electric & Magnetic fields)

$660.00 AUD Incl GST

Have a consultant come to your home/office to test for dirty power, RF, electric and magnetic fields as well as geopathic disturbance. The bedroom is your best place to rest and recover so its vital to reduce EMF energy in these areas.

Payment is due at the time of consultation or before.

Please allow up to one week after the consultation for the report to be issued.

Please contact us directly before purchasing to confirm availability and travel costs.

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The Geobiological analysis – A Bedroom investigation

For a healthy life, besides having a healthy diet and adequate exercise, restful sleep is an absolute must. Everybody knows what it feels like when you have had a bad night’s sleep. For more and more people this state of low energy and vitality has become an everyday norm.

Modern environmental health burdens (electrosmog/EMF) and natural environmental influences can strongly affect the regenerative capabilities of our bodies during sleep. The bedroom is your best place to rest and recover so it’s vital to reduce EMF energy in these areas. We have technology and materials that can be integrated into homes to provide functional protection for the bedroom. This has had an impressive and positive impact on the health of our clients.

Details on what is included in our comprehensive consultation can be found on our Services page.

The basis of any changes to be made to sleeping and living areas is the geobiological investigation. Only when we discover which factors are contributing, can a targeted and effective approach be implemented. Without testing, any changes implemented could be just an expense as the chance of success would be unknown.

Please allow up to one week for the report to be issued.

The consulting fee includes up to 60 minutes travel (each way).

For addresses within our driving range – additional car travel is charged per 30 minutes or part thereof.

For addresses outside our driving range – all travel costs and accommodation need to be quoted on an individual basis.

The consultation fee does not include the provision of any products.

Please contact us prior to booking to confirm costs and available times.

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