Informational Videos

EMF Update by Keith Coley – Richard Flook – Cyril Bourke 

Keith Coley, Richard Flook, and Cyril Bourke discuss the basics of shielding, home power issues, emotional and cellular effects and energy practices that can help support the body. Keith, Richard and Cyril are all experienced health practitioners who also have unique individual specialties that provide a range of understandings and views on these topics.

Cyril Bourke – 5G & EMF’s, the impact on your health and home

Cyril Bourke from Health Express World presents on the health issues related to 5G and EMF’s at the Paradigm Shift Summit 2019.

RYVE Smart Home Creator and Cyril Bourke EMF Expert interview

RYVE equip smart homes with the latest high tech devices and they speak with Cyril Bourke regarding EMF, dirty power, wifi, mobile phone usage and how to rethink our behaviour in relation to digital devices and our health.

Wendy Myers on EMF’s

Wendy Myers of interviews researcher and writer Nick Pineault. Autor of “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs” a book “Dedicated to the incredible human beings fighting to put safety before profits”

Dr Magda Havas for using herself as a test subject

Thank you to Dr Magda Havas for using herself as a test subject. Its amazing how our cells respond to e-smog. As a society we must re-think what we are doing.

Interview with Dave Stetzer

In our first interview with Dave Stetzer, the founder of Stetzer Electric and the developer of the Stetzerizer® power line electromagnetic filter, we learned that 70% of the current from the electrical grid goes back onto the wires or into the ground. Dr. Magda Havas, an associate professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University, set out to disprove this claim.

Dr Sam Milham

Dr Sam Milham explains how due to the practice of connecting power neural cables (power return wire) to earth your power circuit can caused health issues from using “Earthing” products such as earthing mats and blankets.(For earthing go to 12min:45sec) You really are pulling dirty power / energy back into your body. Both the USA & Australia have this problem.!! This effect has also been scientifically proved to have an impact on cow milk production volumes.

Dr Mercola

Don’t every put you phone next to your head! sounds crazy but Dr Mercola shows you why in this short video. Get your kids to watch this. Big Telco businesses know this problem and doesn’t seem to care.

‘Dirty Electricity’ and the Diseases of Civilization Dr Sam Milham

What if modern electricity was poisoning you and your family, would you take action to reduce the harm? This powerful interview explains clearly what the problem is with the way power is being used in our homes and workplaces.

Cyril Bourke on dealing with EMF

Presentation date: 19 April 2022

Product Videos

How to use the Stetzerizer GS meter and install GS filters

Monique Drexel from Health Express World shows how easy it can be to measure the level of dirty power and mitigate it. 

How to change a fuse on the Australian model of the Stetzerizer filter.

We provide FREE replacement fuses. All you pay is the cost of postage. Please contact us to arrange your replacement fuse.

MCL61 Magnetic Film demonstration

Cyril Bourke from Health Express World shows how the MCL61 magnetic film reduces the magnetic field from a meter box. For more information click here to see the product page in our shop. 

Rick Morse from NSW Australia

Rick Morse from NSW Australia tells the story of heart surgery and how 8 years later the hospital wanted to repeat a surgery that was expected to kill him. Rick’s research and commitment to creating the best heart support tools possible gave rise to a groundbreaking supplement (NIOX)

Max Pulse

Max Pulse is a reliable and rapid test for detecting Cardiovascular problems.