EMF Infoceutical

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Energetic support for EMF exposure


EMF Symptoms

We are being exposed to more and more man-made EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) such as computers, mobile phones, wifi etc. Common symptoms include, headaches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, pain, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, lowered immunity, reddening of the skin (seen on the hands after using a laptop keyboard or holding a mobile phone) and the list goes on.

NES Health Therapy

NES Health have been researching the human body field for over 30 years. The body-field is believed to be the energetic field which holds information the body uses to function. If this becomes distorted the body can experience dis-ease or symptoms.

NES have developed a revolutionary body-field scanning system, bioenergetic infoceuticals (remedies) and the miHealth biofeedback device. Often clients will seek out a NES practitioner for a consultation before taking infoceuticals however NES have also released a range of feel-good infoceuticals which are taken based on symptoms and do not need a consultation.

While Cyril and Monique are both qualified NES practitioners they are not currently providing client consultations. They are still associated with NES but only sell the feel-good range of infoceuticals and the miHealth device. If you are looking for a full consultation, please get in touch and we will recommend a practitioner for you.

This is an energetic therapy only. It does not diagnose or treat physical diseases.


For more information on the NES bioenergetic therapy visit www.neshealth.com.

Decoding the Human Body Field Book ISBN 978-159477225-2

Energy and Information in Nature Book ISBN 978-0-9570579-0-6

MiHealth outcome study click here – NES Health MiHealth Outcome Study

EMF Feel-Good Infoceutical

Exposure to EMF’s can interfere with the body field causing it to become over energised.

NES Health has developed a range of bioenergetic infoceuticals to help correct damage in the body field. Some must be recommended by a qualified practitioner while some are referred to as Feel-Good Infoceuticals and do not need a consultation.

The EMF infoceutical is in the feel-good range and helps repair distortions in the body field caused by exposure to man-made EMFs.

Infoceuticals are not affected by x-rays or other security scan, so they safely be shipped or taken with you if you travel.


Can be applied topically or taken orally either dropped directly in the mouth or added to a small amount of water and drunk.


Standard dose is between 3 and 28 drops – either once or twice a day. You will only know the dose that is right for you once you start taking them. You may not need to increase the dose to 28 drops to have the wanted effect. Take what feels right to you.

Most adults start on 15 drops and build up to 28 drops.

Children can start on 3 drops and build up to 15 drops.

Adults who are frail, weak, have a poor constitution or are sensitive start with 3 drops.

If you experience mild detox symptoms drink plenty of water to help flush any toxins being released from the body. Do not increase the dosage until the symptoms stop and increase the dose slowly.

If you experience strong detox symptoms stop taking the infoceuticals and drink plenty of water to help flush any toxins being released from the body. ESR is another infoceutical that may help relieve stress associated with the detox reaction. Once the symptoms have passed you can start taking the infoceutical again on a lower dose.

If you have any questions please get in touch so we can help guide you.


Certain medical treatments, including but not limited to people with organ transplants, where the treatment is intentionally trying to suppress the body’s natural healing processes should not use infoceuticals.

Pregnant women, infants and those with pacemakers or medical conditions should use caution.

Children should use low doses.


Purified Water • Himalayan Sea Salt (1%) or 0.29574 mL/oz • Potassium Chloride (1.5%) or 0.44361 mL/oz • Magnesium Chloride (1%) or 0.29574 mL/oz •  Potassium Sorbate (0.2%) or 0.059148 mL/oz • Citric Acid (0.1%) or 0.029574 mL/oz

The citric acid in our infoceuticals is derived from non-GMO corn. It is not considered a “corn-based” product, as the process does not leave any trace of corn proteins in the final product. People with severe corn allergies may still choose to avoid corn derived ingredients.

Infoceuticals are free of the following substances:

*Dairy Products (Including derivatives) *Egg Products *Gluten (incl. wheat, barley, oats, rye) *Soy Products (inc. soy lecithin) *Peanut Products *Tree Nuts (incl. Almond, Brazil nut, Cashew, Chestnut, Hazelnut (fibert), Macademia nut, Pecan, Pine nuts, -Pistachio, Walnut) *Fish/Shell Fish Products *Seed Products (incl. Sesame, Sunflower, Cottonseed, Poppy) *Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) *Sulfites *Autolyzed Yeast/Yeast Extracts *BHA, BHT, TBHQ *Tocopherois *Chocolate Derivatives (ie. Cocao) *FD & C Colors *Beef/Pork Derivatives

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